February 2023 Monthly Meeting

WHEN: February 8th from 11:30AM – 1:00PM

COST: $30.00

Session Title: Adaptive Reuse – Lessons Learned in the Economic Reuse of Historic Buildings

Description: A presentation sharing multiple project examples where historic tax credits were utilized by developers to find “new uses” for historic structures including those thought lost from any economic viability.  The presentation will include examples from North Carolina as well as examples from Christman’s national portfolio (40-45 Minutes) followed by a Q & A session (15-20 Minutes).

Presenter: Ron Staley, Senior Vice President and Executive Director of Historic Preservation at The Christman Company

Learning Objectives:

  • Best Practices for Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings
  • Utilization of Historic Tax Credits
  • Tools for Success working on Historic Buildings
  • Setting the target budget early and using this to maintain the project budget
  • Managing the design on a weekly basis to provide proactive management rather than
    reactive value engineering