The Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA has always focused on providing growth opportunities for its members.  Those opportunities are not limited to the learning found in the monthly meetings, building tours, professional member events, volunteer opportunities in the community or networking at social events. 

In 2021, the Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA established a formal mentoring program. Mentees (regardless of age) are paired with mentors who are seasoned FM professionals in our chapter. The Mentorship Program is open to Greater Triangle Chapter Professional, Young Professional and Associate members.

The Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA provides connections for those seeking mentorship by linking mentees interested in expanding skills with mentors willing to share experience, knowledge and time. 

The program focuses on career development and best practices in FM and assists facility managers with less experience the opportunity to explore career goals and/or enhance their skill set and understanding of FM to achieve their greatest potential. It also offers those entering the industry an introduction to an experienced professional in the world of FM to assist them in pursuing an FM career and the potential IFMA accreditations that can be achieved. Participants in the Mentorship Program with their Certified Facility Manager (CFM) Designation would be eligible to receive an activity credit from IFMA National if the mentorship is maintained for the better part of one-year.

How to Get Started

There are no limits to the areas that can be considered for discussion by both participants as the process is intended to provide support, encouragement, and experiential insight to mentees and act as a sounding board for ideas in various areas such as:  

  • Providing general knowledge of the facilities management industry (define roles, responsibilities & performance criteria)
  • Increase mentee’s aptitude and skills in job performance to the next level through an understanding of best practices
  • Increase credibility within or outside department/firm
  • Provide coaching to develop leadership skills potentially including articles, IFMA accreditation possibilities and access to additional mentors or classes
  • Provide insights into career goals and objectives
  • Provide insights into challenges and conflict resolution strategies
  • Specialized topics identified by mentee

To start the process or if you have questions, please reach out to the Mentorship Champion, Erin Duncan at