October 2018 Monthly Meeting

WHEN: October 17 from 11:30AM – 1:00PM – Please note this meeting is moved to the 3rd Wednesday due to World Workplace

COST: $30.00

Join the Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA on Wednesday, October 17th at 11:30AM for our next monthly meeting featuring Instructor Jon Strassner, Director with Workplace Strategies, on Sustainability.

Jon Strassner About the Instructor


What if manufacturing made the world a better place?


It’s time to think beyond sustainability. With damaged ecosystems and habitats that are in desperate need of restoration, sustaining what we have is no longer good enough. Now is the time for designers and manufacturers to work toward creating a Net Positive Impact – meaning not only doing less harm but giving more back to our environment. Companies driving the conversation are now tracking their “handprint” through quantitative, metrics-based processes that measure their restorative impact on the environment. Everything we do has an impact on communities, habitats and ecosystems and manufacturers need to be held accountable. Ask yourself: are you removing toxic chemicals from your products? Are you investing in habitat preservation? Do you implement social equity programs within your organization? These are just some areas that manufacturing needs to consider. We have evolved from “sustainability” to “environmental responsibility” to finally, “social responsibility.” This is an amazing evolution of the conversation! Please join us for a compelling discussion about restorative operations, healthy material selection, habitat preservation and social equity as they relate to our commitment to having a Net Positive impact on our global