By Anthony Heim

On Wednesday March 14, 2018, GTC of IFMA resumed their luncheons at the Embassy Suites in Cary. Professor Dean Kashiwagi gave a comprehensive and thought provoking presentation on a paradigm shift that is occurring in the workplace.

Mr. Kashiwagi is an IFMA-Fellow and professor at Arizona State University and a specialist in the Best Value Approach (BVA). He is also the creator of a system called “PIPS” (Performance Information Procurement System.) His years of research have shown that BVA focuses on replacing the traditional business model of decision making and management, direction and control (MDC) with the utilization of expertise. It is an approach of an intelligent person who utilizes expertise to create a “win-win” environment for everyone. This approach is comprehensive in its application into business.

The application of BVA into the field of FM was the highlight of the presentation. Mr. Kashiwagi’s program educates and assists FM/PMs in becoming a more efficient organization through measurement, accountability and transparency. By understanding the fact that there is shortage of qualified professionals in the FM/PM fields, the BVA and PIPS models help an organization rely on expertise and technology to minimize complexity, increase transparency and improve project performance and efficiency.  Efficiency means to do more with less manpower.

By utilizing an expert’s knowledge, one cuts down on risks by tapping into the value of experienced outcomes. Now the environment and project management is proactive instead of being reactive, and this in effect lowers project costs and can mean increased compensation for technical expertise.

Mr. Kashiwagi told relatable stories from his personal experiences and backed this up with data from real world projects to drive home the evolution of the FM procurement process.