Well, this is the November newsletter, which means that I’m obligated to mention Thanksgiving and what I’m thankful for; however, I’m not going to do that because it’ll sound cheesy even if it is from the heart!

I hate that I missed the Coffee and Credentials event but heard that it was wildly successful.  For any member interested in pursuing credentials, please know that the Professional Development Committee is here to support you any way we can.  We’re working toward expanding the committee to ensure we have enough resources to support you.  Additionally, we have partial scholarships available to help you with some of the expenses of obtaining the credentials.

We appreciate the information you provided on the Professional Only survey, and it has been shared with the respective committees.  This information will help us create programs and events that are more meaningful to you as we look towards companies easing travel restrictions.  We’re looking ahead toward our first tour since COVID began, and while there’s no consistency among the communities we serve, please know that we will continue to take precautions to protect you and your health.

As the year is winding down and some of you may be considering budgets for 2022, I wanted to share some big events coming up in 2022 that may impact your budgets.  Remember next year’s Summit and Gala will be at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro. We are working with IFMA National to identify training opportunities in 2022 for those interested in obtaining some credentials.  If you plan on attending a national conference, Facility Fusion will be in Austin in April and World Workplace in Nashville in September. For sponsors, if you need to know what levels will be available in 2022, please reach out to a Board member.

Travis Dodson
American Board of Pediatrics
GTC of IFMA President 2021-2022