April 2024 President’s Message

Welcome Spring! Now that we have endured the season of pollenating, and hopefully this past week's round of showers has washed away the yellow, I am ready for some spring weather and some great upcoming events. The turnout in support of the Boys and Girls Club this year at March Madness was outstanding. I [...]

March 2024 President’s Message

ROAR! We are coming in like a lion after a busy February. I hope you were able to attend some or all the great events we held in the last few weeks. I’m so glad we brought back the virtual wine tasting. Looking ahead, I am excited for the Madness of March. This year [...]

February 2024 President’s Message

Folks, We have reached the point of the year when a furry little guy named Phil leaves his luxurious burrow in the Punxsutawney library to greet visitors and share his knowledge of future weather events. If only we could use rodents to predict other facets of our lives, like how much longer a building’s [...]

January 2024 President’s Message

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope all of you enjoyed a happy, safe, and healthy holiday season with family and friends. As we dive into 2024, I am excited about the great things we have planned for the chapter.  Just before the end of the year we held our first joint committee meeting, and I [...]

December 2023 President’s Message

As we roll into the holiday season, I want to pause for a moment and be thankful - thankful for all of our members. We had an amazing time at our Membership Appreciation event held at the Angus Barn Pavilion. I appreciate all that participated in our sports team theme, and I’m relieved that [...]

November 2023 President’s Message

BOO! The month of October was “Good, Scary Good”! We kicked off the month with our annual Bingo for Bones event at Montague Lake, and the weather could not have been more perfect. This year we were able to raise over $4,000 for our local animal rescue partners. This chili was tasty, and the [...]

October 2023 President’s Message

WOW! September flew by this year! If you blinked, you might have missed it. Hopefully you did not miss out on our great events this month. The highlight of this month has been our first ever Boys and Girls Club Work Week event. The chapter truly came together to make this event a success, [...]

September 2023 President’s Message

Sadly summer is coming to a close, and school is about to be back in session or already is for some of you. But on the bright side we have a fun fall in store. Aside from football, pumpkin spice, and cooler temperatures, we have some great programs lined up. Kicking those off, on [...]

August 2023 President’s Message

Wow has this summer been HOT! Hopefully you are enjoying ways to cool off and relax with family and friends as we progress through the summer. We kicked off our journey of “Growing Forward” with our July meeting where the Board and your Committee Chairs shared a year in review and goals for this [...]

June 2023 President’s Message

This year has flown by, and during my time in this role, I have learned so much about IFMA, our chapter, and myself. It has truly been a privilege to support the chapter.  Thank you for the support over the past year. It is greatly appreciated. As we look back over the past IFMA fiscal [...]

May 2023 President’s Message

What a great golf event we had on April 26th!  The weather was perfect and seeing all our chapter members, sponsors, and guests made the day even better. I saw a lot of familiar faces and some new faces. Our membership numbers continue to grow. I feel that is a testament to the community that [...]

April 2023 President’s Message

April is here, and spring is in full swing.  If you completed a NCAA bracket, good luck to you if you still have a team in the fight…me not so much.  Last month we had our March Madness event, which turned out to be amazing as usual. The chapter was able to raise $3,566 [...]

March 2023 President’s Message

March is here, and I cannot believe how fast 2023 is going.  In just over a week, we are having our 4th Annual IFMA Carolinas Summit and Gala in Charlotte. For those of you who have signed up, I look forward to seeing you there as it is going to be a great event. [...]

February 2023 President’s Message

With the 2023 year underway, we have had a lot of activity with the Chapter.  As mentioned last month, we have the next 4-5 months planned out for Chapter meetings and events. Well done Programs Committee! As a reminder on Wednesday February 8th, we have Ron Staley speaking on Adaptive Reuse - Lessons Learned in the [...]

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