September 2019 President’s Message

Hello Everyone!   As we roll into September, I would like to thank our GTC of IFMA family members who graciously sponsored for this upcoming year! We raised over $58,000 this year! Even though we fell short of our $70,000 GOAL, we are planning even greater opportunities to learn, grow, and network, and we want you [...]

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August 2019 President’s Message

Hello Everyone!   As a result of our generous annual sponsors in year’s past, the Greater Triangle Chapter of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is one of only a handful of national Chapters that has achieved double-digit growth over recent years.  The value the Chapter provides to its membership continues to grow as is reflected in our performance: [...]

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July 2019 President’s Message

Hello Everyone!   Since joining GTC of IFMA in 2013, I have been a part of some amazing opportunities and got to meet a lot of wonderful people. We are all not just acquaintances, colleagues, or friends, “We Are Family”! Without this opportunity, I would not have been able to navigate through the different levels of our [...]

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June 2019 President’s Message

Dear GTC IFMA members, This is the last President’s Message that I’ll be writing to you…my term ends on July 1 and the GTC IFMA President-Elect, Justin Barber, will be writing his own President’s Message to you next month.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as GTC IFMA President this year…I’ve learned so [...]

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May 2019 President’s Message

Dear GTC IFMA members, Happy New Year! That sounds like an odd message for May, doesn’t it?!  For the Greater Triangle Chapter (GTC) of IFMA, May represents an aspect of a New Year's celebration as our annual planning retreat takes place this month. Our Chapter uses the retreat to set goals for the coming year, plan [...]

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April 2019 President’s Message

Dear GTC IFMA members, Is it just me, or does everyone think Spring is arriving slowly this year?  As I write this, the weather forecast calls for temperatures in the 50’s all week.  Again! I’ll be glad when the weather turns warm. That got me thinking about other things to look forward to this month especially in [...]

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March 2019 President’s Message

Dear GTC IFMA members, I’ll start with a quote by Douglas Adams, “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” I recently re-read an article by Anne Cosgrove in Facility Executive magazine that posited, “the age of the ‘accidental facility manager’ [...]

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February 2019 President’s Message

Dear GTC IFMA members, We’re fortunate to live in an area in which the Facility Management profession is experiencing rapid growth. There are lots of workers that are relatively new to the Facility Management profession, as well as our more seasoned professionals, who both want and need to keep their skills current. “The illiterate of [...]

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January 2019 President’s Message

Dear GTC IFMA members, Last month’s message took a look back at the IFMA Greater Triangle Chapter’s accomplishments in 2018…here, at the beginning of 2019, let’s take a look forward. I’m one of those people who makes New Year’s resolutions; I write them down, I re-visit them throughout the year, and I even change them [...]

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December 2018 President’s Message

Dear GTC IFMA members, I love this time of year.  It brings back good memories. My past year’s reflections include many happy ones associated with GTC IFMA. There’s an element of pride in those memories as well. We amped up our philanthropic events; a better-than-ever March Madness contest, a gourmet meal at Ronald McDonald House [...]

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