We have reached the point of the year when a furry little guy named Phil leaves his luxurious burrow in the Punxsutawney library to greet visitors and share his knowledge of future weather events. If only we could use rodents to predict other facets of our lives, like how much longer a building’s air handler will last or if that pesky tenant is going to renew their lease…wouldn’t that be great?

After a truly inspirational presentation in January from Joel Graybeal, I hope you are all as motivated as I am to jump into February. This month is set to be the best one of the year. Our two social events this month will be our Committee Appreciation event on 2/8 at Rush Hour Karting and our Virtual Wine Tasting on 2/12. Watch out, I have been practicing for both!

Then on Wednesday 2/14 we will hold our next chapter meeting at Prestonwood Country Club. Be sure to attend this one to hear an update from our friends at Boys and Girls Club. Looking ahead, I am excited for March Madness and our joint chapter Gala in March. Our planning team is working hard to bring some options for transportation so we can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride together to Greenville.

Let’s hope Phil doesn’t see his shadow…

Kellie Renzi

McDonald York Building Company

IFMA President 2023-2024