What a great golf event we had on April 26th!  The weather was perfect and seeing all our chapter members, sponsors, and guests made the day even better. I saw a lot of familiar faces and some new faces.

Our membership numbers continue to grow. I feel that is a testament to the community that we’ve built and the powerful network we have.

Also the chapter is in great hands next year. I’m excited about the upcoming strategic planning retreat on May 18th and 19th and hearing what the 2023-2024 leadership team has in mind for next year. The feedback you provided on our annual survey will help guide the direction of the chapter for years to come.

If you want to be a part of the planning process and help move the chapter forward, please consider joining a committee. The minimum time commitment is one hour per month, and you can take on tasks and challenges as your availability permits. Please reach out to anyone on the Board or the committee chairs to learn more about how you can contribute to the success of the chapter and deepen the connections you have within the chapter.

Upcoming Events:


  • Thursday, May 4th – Young Professionals Event – Drive Shack 3PM-5PM
  • Wednesday, May 10th – World FM Day Professional Only Event and Annual Sponsor Social


  • Wednesday,  June 14th – Panel Discussion – The relationship between Associate and Professional members – How to approach a Professional member for a business opportunity. Panelists include Tim Carr, Angel Bond, and Tanya Blankenship.


  • Wednesday, July 12th – State of the Chapter – Swearing in of new board members


  • Wednesday, August 9th – Data! Data! Data! Everywhere There Is Data! Are We Blinded By All The Data? Everyone talks about collecting data, but nobody really knows how to use it, everyone thinks everyone else is using it, so everyone claims they are using it too.
  • Speakers: Vivek Sharma, Ph. D., LEED AP Assistant Professor College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Clemson University; Dhaval Gajjar, Ph. D., FMP, SFP Undergraduate Program Director Assistant Professor College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Clemson University
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President 2022-2023