Welcome Spring!

Now that we have endured the season of pollenating, and hopefully this past week’s round of showers has washed away the yellow, I am ready for some spring weather and some great upcoming events.

The turnout in support of the Boys and Girls Club this year at March Madness was outstanding. I hope you all discovered great networking opportunities. Be on the lookout for our final tally of fundraising as it is shaping up to be record breaking. How about that Wolfpack???

Looking ahead, we have our Professional Members tour and social at Parkline. This is such a unique building, and I hope our facility managers all are excited to see behind the scenes. Then, who can forget our legendary golf tournament at the end of the month. I promise to repair all my divots!

Don’t miss the opportunity to submit your entry for a scholarship to this year’s World Workplace in San Antonio, TX.  Applications must be in by April 26 with more details below.

Your Board is working diligently in preparation for our annual retreat and planning session in May, and we look forward to bringing you great programs and events throughout the year.

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party.’” – Robin Williams

Let’s Do it!

Kellie Renzi

McDonald York Building Company

IFMA President 2023-2024