by Tanya Blankenship

Facility Fusion was held in Austin, TX from April 26th – 28th. The theme running through this year’s presentations was sustainability. Specifically, how do we as FMs not only make our buildings more energy efficient and net-positive, but ‘walk the walk’ by insisting on sustainable practices in everything from vendor and materials selection to the promotion of hybrid work environments. It was invigorating to attend an in-person conference, visit the vendor expo, and enjoy all the food and entertainment that Austin has to offer.

Standout Speaker: Scott Koloms, the CEO of Facilities Management Services PBC and the founder of Canopy Kentucky. His janitorial company is a B-Corp, which seeks to have a positive impact on society, workers, the community, and the environment in addition to profit. His presentation focused on his journey to business owner, the importance of supporting janitorial staff (one of the FM’s most valuable asset!), and his commitment to ethical business practices. The message left us with so many ideas and new perspectives. I encourage all FMs to check out Scott’s talk on YouTube and visit his websites to learn more.

Standout Expo Vendor: As Covid practices become part of our daily lives, more businesses are trying to blend the need for personnel hygiene with aesthetics. One vendor, Vaask, demonstrated a hand sanitizer option that was beautiful, highly customizable, and gives FMs the ability to refill it with any brand of bulk hand sanitizer. It can be recessed into the wall or free-standing, and you can even customize the faceplate with your Company or University logo!