This year has flown by and during my time in this role, I have learned so much about IFMA, our members, my colleagues on the Board, the committees, and myself.

In my first President’s Message, I mentioned the chapter was like a car that had been sitting idle in the garage for a few years due to COVID. I said we need to check rearview mirrors to see what was behind us and the side mirrors to see who was standing beside us. Little did we know that around the curve and over the hill was another peak to COVID curve.

I can’t thank everyone enough for their support during my tenure. It was truly a privilege to support the chapter in this way. Whether you participated on a committee, volunteered at events, or just joined and have only attended the new member zoom, I appreciate you being present at events.

As we turn the page on the IFMA fiscal year, we will have time to reflect on the successes of 2021-2022, the challenges, and the future of the IFMA Greater Triangle Chapter in 2022-2023. I hope you will attend the July 20, 2022, meeting where we will introduce the new Board and provide an update on the State of the Chapter.

A few weeks ago, the Board met for our annual planning retreat. The incoming Board challenged us in the room to remember our WHY. Why did you join IFMA, what does IFMA mean to you, and what have you gained by being a part of this organization. For me, it’s the educational opportunities and the relationships that have been built over time. As a practicing facility manager, I would not have the network that I do without the IFMA Greater Triangle Chapter. I wouldn’t know who to reach out to at another organization to discuss challenges with my site. As part of IFMA, I would not have known about the educational opportunities available to me, which led to certifications and, ultimately, value add for my organization.

As we transition into the new fiscal year, we’ll continue to hear about your WHY. I would encourage each of you to reflect on your participation in the Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA and always ask yourself, why did I join?

Travis Dodson
American Board of Pediatrics
President 2021-2022