It’s been a long two years since March 2020, when the first Covid cases were reported in the Triangle. As mask mandates have lifted across the Triangle, I hope that we’ve turned the corner. Since March 2020, our membership base shrunk from 249 to a low of 199 in February 2021. As of the end of March, our membership has reached 228. We’re picking up speed and were able to bring back pre-COVID events such as the March Madness event.

To the members who stayed with us throughout the pandemic, we appreciate your commitment to the chapter. Your contributions to help keep the chapter going have not gone unnoticed. You’ve put your time, resources, and energy into committees and events.

To the members who have joined us since the pandemic, we appreciate your willingness to take a chance on IFMA and the chapter. We hope that you have seen value in your membership. If you haven’t had a chance to maximize your membership, we encourage you to consider joining a committee.  Learn more about our committees here.

Now is the time of the year where we ask our members for their feedback. We hope that you will take some time to complete the Membership Survey. Your responses will help us better understand your needs and help us plan and craft content and events that enhance the value of your membership.

Travis Dodson
American Board of Pediatrics
President 2021-2022