As we begin this new fiscal year with our IFMA Family, I want you to know we are in this “ALL TOGETHER”.  This is this year’s theme to engage, assist and support one another through these uncertain times.

I have always known I can count on each member in their own way in the past, but I want everyone to make a conscious effort to reach out and touch base with all of our support team here at IFMA.  If you are an FM, call that vendor when you don’t even need them.  If you are an Associate, send a reminder you are in this “ALL TOGETHER” for the long haul.

We might not be physically together in the near future, but each one of us is still here for each other as this new year begins.  Don’t wait until needed!  Reach out today to say hello and you are missed!

Angel Bond, RPA
Arcadia Management Group
President 2020-2021