I like metaphors and analogies to help tell a story.  The Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA is like a car that has been sitting in the driveway since the pandemic hit, it was parked and not used as frequently, but maintained over time to ensure we were ready for the next trip. I applaud our committees for their work during the pandemic to keep the chapter membership all together (keeping the car running) in new and exciting ways such as virtual wine tastings, panel discussions with members as the panelists, and virtual and in-person breakout sessions.

As we turn the page on the 2020-2021 year, we are ready to take the car on a long trip. This is a tremendous responsibility that our membership has given to the leadership team. One of the first things they teach you in drivers’ education is to check your mirrors.  We need to look in the mirrors to see who is behind us and beside us here in the chapter. When I look in the rear-view mirror of this metaphorical car, I see many of you helping to push the chapter forward.  When I look in the side mirror, I see many of you stepping up to enjoy this journey side by side.  Many of us would not be here if it were not for a member who brought us to our first meeting or a mentor who pushed us to strive for more.

Before we kick this thing into high gear, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on how you came to the chapter, how you have engaged with the chapter, and what you have learned during your time being a member of the Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA. Then, think about those questions and how you can leverage your network to introduce new members to the chapter, how you can bring your talents to a committee, or how you can share your knowledge with fellow chapter members.

Our 2021-2022 board and committees are excited about the goals we have outlined for the year and how you can help us achieve those goals. We hope to see you on July 29 from 11:30a – 1:00p at Prestonwood Country Club to learn more about how we plan to Engage, Enlist, and Enlighten.

Travis Dodson, American Board of Pediatrics

GTC of IFMA 2021-2022 President