Time marches forward and our transition has begun! As I begin my time as ‘Immediate Past President’, I could not be prouder of your 2017-18 leadership team and know that we are in great hands with the incoming board.  Cris Karasek had the idea of writing this President’s message together – what a great idea and represents the true passing of the baton.

Cris and I both attended the planning retreat on May 17, where we reviewed the year of ‘inspiring volunteerism’ and decided to build upon that foundation by adopting ‘extreme engagement’ as our focus for the coming year.

So, what does being extremely engaged mean?  For Cris, as President-elect for the 2018-2019 year, it means finding a meaningful activity in which to participate, adding value to our interactions, getting to know your colleagues, honing your Facilities Management skills, and most of all, HAVING FUN!  Hopefully, part of the fun will be getting to better know your colleagues.

Here’s how we accomplished that fun part at the GTC Planning Retreat: our “ice breaker” activity was entitled, Two Truths and a Lie.   Here’s what Cris told us:

  • She’s color blind
  • She graduated from Purdue University
  • She was a lifeguard at a nudist colony

The lie?  She’s not color blind!  Was that unexpected?

Get to know Cris better by asking her the backstory at our July meeting!

Robert Sunukjian President 2017-2018
Cris Karasek President 2018-2019