As COVID continues to grip our area, we’re looking for ways to engage with our members safely.  This month we will have two outdoor events and change the times of our typical lunch meeting.  First up will be the Bingo for Bones Community Outreach event, an afternoon event.  The afternoon event will be followed the next week by a breakfast meeting titled Coffee and Credentials event.  In July, we reported two goals tied to meeting and event participation.  We want to increase professional member attendance by 10%.  We also want to increase meeting and event participation by 15%.  Professional member attendance has been at less than 10 professional members per event and overall attendance at less than 40 members for our most recent events.  The goal of the outdoor events coupled with different times is to create events that our members may be more comfortable attending.

One of the themes for this year’s board is Enlighten. Our goal through the Coffee and Credentials informational meeting is to help enlighten professional members about IFMA’s opportunities through credentials.  Subsequently, we will be providing an opportunity for chapter members to pursue credentials through a collaborative effort with the other IFMA chapters in the Carolinas.  For the associate members who attend, we hope this helps you understand the professional members’ knowledge to obtain these credentials and where you can support the professional members with your expertise.

We will be sending out a survey to understand how the chapter can better support you. Please take some time to provide us with honest feedback.  We look forward to seeing if these outdoor opportunities will encourage you to engage with the chapter. If not, we look forward to seeing you at the Members Appreciation Event in November.

Travis Dodson
American Board of Pediatrics
President 2021-2022