The page has turned on 2021, and everyone is eagerly greeting 2022.  With a fresh start, you might have new goals you want to achieve. Below are a few examples of how the chapter can help you achieve what may be on your list of New Year’s Resolutions.

Resolution #1 – I will be more involved with the chapter.

How the chapter can help you:  We have seven committees. The work of each committee is vital to meeting the mission of the Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA. We have a committee that will allow you to become more involved with chapter operations no matter your interests. Look at the committees as an opportunity to hone your existing skills. Better yet, if you have a skill that you want to improve, join a committee and take on a task/project that will let you work on that skill.

Resolution #2 – I will no longer be a mailbox member.

How the chapter can help you:  We have at least 13 events you can attend to learn about industry trends, network with peers, potential clients, and potential suppliers, and support the communities in which we work.  With events ranging from six monthly meetings, a handful of special events, and tours and socials peppered in, there’s something for everyone. One goal for this year was to increase engagement. We’ve shifted some meeting times to morning or afternoon to accommodate busy schedules and move events around the triangle to encourage attendance. Couple this with the committee meetings, and there are over 20+ times you can engage with the chapter.

Resolution #3 – I will continue my educational pursuits related to Facilities Management.

How the chapter can help you:  This coming calendar year, we will be hosting a CFM prep course on May 2, 2022. The goal of the one-day intensive is to help you better understand the methodology of the exam. In addition to the CFM training, the chapter offers scholarships to attend conferences and help offset your FMP or SFP training costs.

I encourage you to look at what the chapter offers and commit to engaging with the chapter in the coming year.

Travis Dodson
American Board of Pediatrics
President 2021-2022