President’s Message


Being Prepared

These days you can’t view the internet or listen to the news without hearing of a shooting somewhere.  What if that happened in your office?  How would you respond?  Can you help others?  What is your job as a Facilities Manager?  Have you educated your staff and co-workers to react effectively?

It is tragic that we have to consider what our role may be during these events, but we must respond to tragedy with resolve. This is why IFMA’s Greater Triangle Chapter has partnered with NCSHRM and compiled a panel of experts to help prepare us for an “Active Assailant” attack.  Professional members please join us for our Professional Only Event on August 25th at 3:00 to learn how to establish a plan, know the signs, unite your staff and save lives. Doing nothing is not an option: Be Prepared

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Event Invitation

Connie Drake, CFM – Little
President 2016-2017