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November 2017 President’s Message

President's Message As October turns to November, the Chapter continues to move forward on several exciting fronts!  For those who missed our first ever Professional Members Only Speaker Series event held in early October, we had a strong program by Joseph Buri, Director of Facility Services for Southeastern Health, a great lunch and a fun [...]

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September 2017 President’s Message

President's Message Fresh, interesting and efficient - not words that instantly jump to the mind of anyone who engages with our Chapter website recently, right?  Like everything, without the investment of resources, the only guarantee is a downward trend over time.  Your Board has approved funding for a complete website overhaul this year so keep [...]

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September 2017 President’s Message

President's Message We are currently wrapping up our Annual Sponsorship drive, and we are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm the business community has shown in support of our Chapter.  A heartfelt thank you to all that have contributed and to Laura Shaw for organizing this effort.  Well done!  As I am writing, Hurricane Harvey’s full impact [...]

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August 2017 President’s Message

President's Message Your Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA Board was truly overwhelmed by the number of members that have indicated they are interested in getting more involved in the Chapter and to that end we are excited to be hosting the 2017 Volunteer Appreciation and Get to Know the Committees Event!    Every member is invited to [...]

July 2017 President’s Message

President's Message Is ‘Projectizing’ a word? A warm welcome to our newest members and Happy New Year to our returning members and sponsors - thank you for all you do to continue to keep our Chapter strong!   We are back from our 2017-18 Planning Session and the swearing-in of your new Board.  I want to [...]

June 2017 President’s Message

President's Message I would like to thank the Chapter for the opportunity to serve as their President this past year.  As I reflect back on my year as President, I think of all the people that I have gotten to know a little better.  I thank all the Chapter Volunteers that have worked together throughout the [...]

May 2017 President’s Message

What is World FM Day? Started in 2008 by Global FM, World FM Day aims to raise the profile of the FM profession everywhere.  All around the world, there are special events to promote and celebrate the FM Professional.  Something that you may not be aware of is that the Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA [...]

April 2017 President’s Message

President's Message What does it mean to be a CFM, FMP or SFP?  Well to me, earning my CFM was a great accomplishment, and it was a way to get recognition within the industry.  I had worked in the FM world for 15 years; however, most of my peers didn’t understand what that meant and [...]

January 2017 President’s Message

My son asked me the other day why I volunteer and what do I get from it?  He only volunteers to get his service hour for National Honor Society so it will look good on his college application. But why do I volunteer? Some of it is for my resume, but I also volunteer at [...]

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December 2016 President’s Message

What are you THANKFUL for? I am thankful for my family and friends, having good health and a wonderful job. But I am also thankful…for the facility managers and property managers who work long days to make my building great. For the security guards who keep me safe back and forth from the parking lot, [...]

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November 2016 Presidents Message

President's Message Looking for the one stop store for all your FM Knowledge?  Well it is here!  IFMA has spent the last several years collecting whitepapers and presentation of wonderful knowledge that they can share with all of their members.  Visit the IFMA Knowledge Library now for great resources. One of the articles that I [...]

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October 2016 President’s Message

President's Message Get Involved New Member Orientation isn’t just for New Members anymore!  It is open to all members that are interested in discovering the many different opportunities to volunteer and to become more engaged within the Chapter. Please come to our next Members Orientation on October 14 from 10:30 am - 11:30 am (before [...]

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September 2016 Presidents Message

World Workplace!! What is the big deal?  Why should I go? Going to World Workplace or Facility Fusion provides you with an opportunity to learn best practices from others.  But mostly it gives you an opportunity to talk with professionals that have the same problems or questions.  These conferences are set up with great inspirational [...]

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July 2016 President’s Message

President's Message “Being Prepared” These days you can’t view the internet or listen to the news without hearing of a shooting somewhere.  What if that happened in your office?  How would you respond?  Can you help others?  What is your job as a Facilities Manager?  Have you educated your staff and co-workers to react effectively? [...]

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