President’s Message

What does it mean to be a CFM, FMP or SFP?  Well to me, earning my CFM was a great accomplishment, and it was a way to get recognition within the industry.  I had worked in the FM world for 15 years; however, most of my peers didn’t understand what that meant and what my overall knowledge was.  Earning my CFM provided me with the respect of my peers and clients.  It also provided me with the credentials necessary for speaking at WWP and other conferences.  It expanded my knowledge of operations and refreshed my understanding of finance and leasing.  Taking the CFM class and participating within the study group gave me a group of peers to share my experience with and better prepared me for the class.

Some people wonder about the value of a piece of paper when you have years of experience.  I look at it this way:  having the piece of paper will get you in the door, but the years of experience and knowledge will make you great at your job.  This isn’t just important when applying for a new position, but it also demonstrates your value to your executives, construction managers, leasing agents, landlords, and service professionals.  In the FM world, it seems you are always having to prove yourself and having some type of credential is the easiest way to make a statement.

If you are interested in learning more about IFMA credentials and how the Chapter can help you, please contact Professional Development.  Whatever credential you would like to pursue, it will benefit you within the industry in more ways than you know!                                 

Connie Drake, CFM – Little
President 2016-2017