fmdayWhat is World FM Day?

Started in 2008 by Global FM, World FM Day aims to raise the profile of the FM profession everywhere.  All around the world, there are special events to promote and celebrate the FM Professional.  Something that you may not be aware of is that the Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA has made a notable effort since 2011 to celebrate this day to express our support and thanks to our fellow FM Professionals. 

We work with the IFMA Foundation on the Global Workforce Initiative to raise awareness through events that help promote future careers in Facility Management.  We need to educate the next generation on what a wonderful career choice becoming an FM can be.  

So please join us on May 17th for a great tour and social event open to all our Chapter members. It is because of great members like you that we can have an affect on what the FM World is today and what it will become tomorrow.

Happy FM Day!

Connie Drake, CFM – Little
President 2016-2017