President’s Message

Looking for the one stop store for all your FM Knowledge?  Well it is here!  IFMA has spent the last several years collecting whitepapers and presentation of wonderful knowledge that they can share with all of their members.  Visit the IFMA Knowledge Library now for great resources.

One of the articles that I have read a few times is one from 2012, “How Office Design Affects Employee Morale”.  It is a few years old, but it talked about the history of the office space and how change has always been occurring.   It emphasized how having the right office space can impact the company.

Another one is more related to Operation and Maintenance as it relates to creating a “Smarter Building through Integrating Facility Management”. Take a look at these articles and a lot more at the IFMA Knowledge Library.

Seize the opportunity to educate yourself on today’s trends!

Connie Drake, CFM – Little
President 2016-2017