President’s Message

Is ‘Projectizing’ a word?

A warm welcome to our newest members and Happy New Year to our returning members and sponsors – thank you for all you do to continue to keep our Chapter strong!   We are back from our 2017-18 Planning Session and the swearing-in of your new Board.  I want to give you the reasons to be as excited as I am for our upcoming year.  For those who were able to attend our most recent Chapter meeting you already know, but for those who couldn’t get to our last meeting, the message is get involved and we are making it easier than ever!

We are greatly increasing opportunities to network and inspiring volunteerism though ‘projectizing’ – not a word, I know!  What is ‘projectizing’?  Something I saw first-hand during my time as Co-Chair supporting the Professional Development committee alongside Cris Karasek, our newly installed VP who also was a PD committee member.  We would find things that matched a specific team member’s availability and skillset and match them up with specific tasks.  As you can imagine, this works. 

People doing what they enjoy and honing their skills in support of the Chapter – what a concept!

Our plan is to energize the Chapter and fuel our mission of supporting facilities professionals with highly relevant educational and networking opportunities by opening this idea up to any member.  We know that there are members that may not have the time available to serve full-time on a committee for an entire year but are certainly interested in building relationships and applying their skills to manage a single project, and at the same time get to know a committee as well as a mentor.   Appealing right?  That’s because it is, and it also happens to be a lot of fun! 

Leverage your skills on something that sounds like a good fit, develop professionally, and not be stretched past what you can truly commit to – a true win-win!

Based on feedback, this is resonating with members. Join us!  To learn more about why I volunteer, click here!

Robert Sunukjian
President 2017-2018