President’s Message

Fresh, interesting and efficient – not words that instantly jump to the mind of anyone who engages with our Chapter website recently, right?  Like everything, without the investment of resources, the only guarantee is a downward trend over time.  Your Board has approved funding for a complete website overhaul this year so keep an eye out for our website refresh! 

Are you investing in your own professional growth?  This week we are kicking off our Professional Member Only-Speaker Series. This is significant for our Chapter as this pilot represents additional content specifically tailored to our Professional Members.  If you aren’t already signed up, please make a note to make it to the next opportunity in the series. 

These are just a couple of the many ways we are raising the bar for this year.  We ask that you continue to get more engaged and make your own professional growth and relationships a priority. 

I look forward to seeing even more of our membership at our upcoming events!

Robert Sunukjian
President 2017-2018