Neville_s“The old order changeth, yielding place to new,

And God fulfills himself in many ways,

Lest one good custom should corrupt the world.” 

– Sir Alfred Lord Tennyson


Greetings IFMA Family,


It is with great pleasure, pride and humility I write my first note to you as the President of the Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA.  I look forward to serving all of you with a focus to improve the value of your membership.


We are a vibrant, growing and flourishing chapter of 330+ members, with over 100 volunteers on committees, an average of 90 attendees at the monthly meetings and a healthy ratio of professional and associate members.  The IFMA chapters educational and social events continue to be attended in large numbers compared to several similar organizations in the industry.


Under Jeff’s leadership we have seen great progress made on several fronts and the dedication and commitment of the board and committees has been nothing short of stellar.  Much has been accomplished and success is written all over this last year.


Now we look forward.


July 1st marks the start of the chapter’s fiscal year and the kickoff for the new teams with new dreams, new visions, new plans, new targets, new measurement criteria and implementation.


My four focus areas are:


  1. Involvement-We would like to see more professional members get involved, participate and contribute.
  2. Operational Excellence-We will be improving how we work, document, store and leave behind resources efficiently for the next generations to come.
  3. Simplification– We will do our best to simplify all our processes so that we are easy to work with.
  4. Measurement-We will develop a dashboard that tracks real time key performance metrics to help us stay on track of our balanced score card targets and metrics.

Annual Sponsorship Drive


In order to continue to provide the great programs and events (both educational and networking) we rely heavily on sponsors.  We are nearing the end of that drive and half way to our goal!  If you have not already, please consider supporting the chapter by signing up to sponsor.  We offer various levels of sponsorship and also offer individual event sponsors.  All of those can be found here.


We have a great board, Committee chairs and co-chairs and volunteers who give of their time to make the chapter happen.  I am excited for this year and look forward to seeing more of you at upcoming events.