Greetings Chapter Members,
I call this month ‘Youmember’.  That’s right, this month is all about ‘YOU’!  This is the month when we take time to plan for the free Chapter Appreciation gala event to celebrate ALL of the Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA’s members.
This is the month we take time to say thank you for being a member, a supporter, a volunteer, a leader, a host, a partner, a friend, a colleague and for being part of the IFMA family.  It takes all of us to make this chapter such a great professional organization.  One where we can all learn, grow, advance, network and most importantly have FUN!
Over the past several years, I have grown to enjoy and appreciate the special culture of camaraderie this chapter has.  It has been refreshing and invigorating.  I hope this journey with the chapter has been a great one for you as well.
So my call out to all of you is:
o   Celebrate the chapter: This month reach out to your colleagues and friends in the industry and telling them more about what we do.  Invite them to join us at any of our upcoming events.
o   Celebrate yourself: Take a moment to celebrate all you’ve done for the chapter.  If you have not had a chance to volunteer with the chapter as yet, it’s never too late.  Learn more about our various committees and short project opportunities here.
o   Chapter Appreciation event:  this event on November 7th is for all of you! A small way to say thank you for all you do for the chapter, and for being part of the chapter. 
o   “Your Voice”:  This is an online platform setup to ‘listen’ to the voice of the chapter.  What do you “care about’s”? What are we doing well, what do we need to change, what do we need to improve?  You can leave us your feedback here.  Leave your name or be anonymous-the choice is yours.
Happy ‘YouMember’ and see you soon!
Neville M. Devlaliwalla
President 2013-2014
Better, Faster, Stronger