Everyone has a fair turn to be as great as he pleases.
Jeremy Collier


As a Professional Member in the Greater Triangle Chapter, I am thankful for the enormous leadership of our six core committees: Communications, Community Outreach, Membership, Networking, Professional Development, and Programs.  Each committee has set high goals for 2011-2012 and are delivering outstanding results across the board – raising the overall membership value for all of us.


Connie Drake.  Neville Devlaliwalla.  Denise Johnston.  Todd Taintor.  Donna Grande.  Laura Connaughton.  Mike O’Brien.  Randal Gollar.  Heather Denny.  Dan Williams. 


All of us members reap the fruits of their efforts.  Their leadership guiding each committee makes the Greater Triangle Chapter one of the best globally.  Their motivation, dedication, and commitment are extraordinary.  They put the Facility Management profession at the forefront to help every IFMA member prosper.  In their role as Committee Chairperson, they have each taken their turn to excel and be as great as possible.


The Chapter is continuing to grow, having just brought aboard our 300th active member!  The demands to continuously evolving the Chapter is no easy task and we need strong leaders to uphold and maximize our membership value.  We have a strong foundation for success but need more Committee members and inspirational leaders to help continue our road to excellence.


As President seeking additional talent to compliment today’s Chapter leaders, I want you to take a turn to be great for the Chapter.  Join a committee.  Make a difference.  And praise those doing so.  The future of our Chapter is taking shape now through the courage of its leaders.  Be a direct part of it.

See you at February’s monthly meeting and our Hurricanes event on the 23rd!