Greetings Chapter Members,


As a chapter, we focus on innovation in all we do with our Board and Chapter Committees.  While the profession of FM and the services, equipment and tools that support it are often service oriented, we need to continuously strive to bring elements of innovation, strategy and operational excellence to our jobs.  We need to leverage the tools and resources in the industries we work in to enable increased productivity and value to what we do for our employers and customers.  At the same time, we have to be careful to keep it simple and increase the speed to execution. 


All of this takes a team and we at the Greater Triangle of IFMA have a strong team with our Committees and the Board.  They are the engines that execute against the framework of the Balance Score Card we have in place-and they do a phenomenal job at that!


In February and March the chapter will be focusing on improving the membership experiences and its focus on simplification by selecting a new integrated event management systems and we will begin implementation of the chapter dashboard.  The ‘buddy system’ will be kicked off which is our program to build an engaging and involved membership.  All exciting things with a razor sharp focus on improving membership value to YOU!


So I leave you with a video that reaps of innovation and teamwork by a Dutch company called Heineken.  Ask yourself today and everyday-what did I do to innovate, improve and simplify my work and my life?  Am I a team player or do I work in clique’s?  Do I put my work and professional team first or do my personal relationships supersede the need to be professional and blur my decision making?  Am I making the right decision for my employer or customer or am I putting my personal preferences and friendships first?  All hard questions and ones we all struggle with.


To view the video click here.


After you watch the video answer these questions:

  • Did you catch the innovation?
  • Did you see the teamwork?  It took a whole group of people with various expertise to do this. 
  • Did you notice the different languages spoken between lyrics of the song, the conversation between the captain and the lady? (Portuguese, Croatian and Italian)

 It takes all of us to make this chapter such a great one. Give it you best and thank you!

Better, Faster, Stronger!





Neville M. Devlaliwalla

President 2013-2014

Better, Faster, Stronger