1) gratitude; thankful recognition.

2) the act of estimating the qualities of things and giving them their proper value.

 As we approach our annual Member Appreciation event on Thursday, November 10th at the Angus Barn, my face lights up with a smile. It’s not about the mouth-watering angus beef, bourbon and cigars in the Wild Turkey lounge, nor the fact that if I drink too much wine, my wife is only a ten minute drive away to pick me up ・ just kidding, of course (that was more directed to her, not the Chapter).

 Anyway, it excites me that we will bring over 125 of our members together to celebrate the successes of our Greater Triangle Chapter. I look forward to announcing our annual awards for Professional Member, Associate Member, Committee Member, Rookie, and Sponsor of the Year. I am honored to highlight the many volunteers on our Board and Committees who give 110% effort while devoting their personal free time to make our Chapter special. I am excited to share smiles, laughs, and camaraderie with our IFMA family and friends. And I am thankful that many of us will bring coats or donations to support WRAL and the Salvation Army’s “Coats for the Kids” charity campaign.

 It will truly be a special night.

 But most of all, it’s a night of celebration for our members ・ to Facility Management Professionals who better the work life of millions of people every day, and particularly those who call the Triangle home.

 As Voltaire once said, “Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” Let’s share a night of celebration for everything about our Chapter, and appreciate all that goes into it.

 See you November 10th!

 Craig Youst, President, Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA