JeffTyburski (2)The Value of IFMA

 Through our celebrating the Facility Management Professional (CFMP) Campaign, we have been refocusing on our mission and vision of our Chapter. This has the added benefit of making us revisit the “value of IFMA” for our membership. The value of IFMA is something we are always looking to improve and now we are focusing on it even more closely. To examine the value of IFMA, you simply need to revisit our mission and vision statement:

Mission:  To promote participation in and vitality of the Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA by focusing on education, networking, and leadership to further develop the core competencies of the facilities profession.
Vision:  To serve as the ultimate resource and representative for facility management.

At our recent New Member Orientation at Red Hat’s new downtown corporate headquarters, we asked our new members why they joined our Chapter. The overwhelming response is that, with our over 350 members, we are recognized as one of the premier professional organizations in the Triangle area. This has become a very familiar response. We have always been recognized as a strong professional organization, but this shift in our status is relatively new.