Celebrating the Facility Management Professional

Jeff Tyburski
Mid-Atlantic Associates, Inc.

With the start of every year we have an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and look forward to build upon our successes.  Over

the last year Craig Youst has done an incredible job as our Chapter President.  Heather Denny finished her sixth term serving on our Chapter Board, completing her last year as Past President.  Through their leadership and vision, we have been successful and experienced growth at a time when other professional organizations have not been as fortunate. Thank you Craig and Heather for all that you have done.

Looking forward, we have a strong base to build upon and an incredible team of volunteers as we begin our new year on July 1st.  As with any organization that experiences growth, there is an increased need to focus and stay true to our mission and vision:

Mission:  To promote participation in and vitality of the Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA by focusing on education, networking, and leadership to further develop the core competencies of the facilities profession.

Vision:  To serve as the ultimate resource and representative for facility management.

Whether you are new to the chapter or have been with us for a while, please read this very carefully.  Please use this as an opportunity to focus on what our organization is all about – The Facility Management Profession.

To help us focus, we will be running a campaign to celebrate the facility management professional.  As stated in our mission, our goal will be to make sure we provide quality educational, networking, and leadership opportunities that support the core competencies of the facility management profession.  As a chapter, we want to “serve as the ultimate resource and representative for facility management.”  Our Facilities Management (FM) Day Celebration at the Oxford on June 28th was and great way to start the celebration. Our Committees and Board will be working hard throughout the year to continue this celebration. Please keep on the lookout for additional events as we continue this campaign.

Lastly, as a volunteer organization, remember the saying “you only get out of it what you put into it”.  I encourage everyone remember this and to maintain a “can do” attitude with the approach of “what can I do for the chapter“.  By adopting this approach, I think you will find what you are looking for as you become more involved in the Chapter.