Off to a Great Start!

Jeff Tyburski – Mid-Atlantic Associates, Inc.

As we begin the second month of our 2012-2013 fiscal year, we find ourselves in a great position for success. Our success is built on the balanced support of the three pillars of our Chapter -1) Professional Members 2) volunteers, and 3) sponsorship funds.

For our first pillar, we have successfully kicked off our campaign to celebrate the facility management professional.  As stated in our mission, our goal will be to make sure we provide quality educational, networking, and leadership opportunities that support the core competencies of the facility management profession.  As a chapter, we want to “serve as the ultimate resource and representative for facility management.” Although we still have work to do, I am pleased by the initial response and support that this initiative has already received. We have great momentum, let’s keep it rolling!

For our second pillar, simply stated, we have the greatest group of volunteers you could ask for. We have a solid team of seasoned veterans to anchor our committees and a great mix of new volunteers who have jumped in and made an immediate impact. The hard work coming out our annual Planning Retreat has provided more streamlined processes and better defined roles and responsibilities.  This has allowed us to collectively focus on the things that will truly have the greatest positive impact on the chapter with our limited volunteer time. These volunteers represent a solid pipeline of future chapter leaders. Volunteerism is alive and well in our Chapter. Thank you for your time.

For our third pillar I am pleased to announce that through our annual sponsorship campaign, we have approximately $54,000 in contributions. This represents the best sponsorship campaign in Chapter history, eclipsing last year’s total of $49,000! Last years sponsorship total was, by far, the best in our Chapter’s history and I am extremely pleased that we continue to raise the bar. Believe it or not, this represents about 70% of sponsorship budget of some of the largest IFMA Chapters that are almost three times our size! A lot of moving parts go into a successful sponsorship campaign, and this is a great indicator of how well we are doing as a Chapter. It shows we continue to provide great overall value to our members and that our sponsors and volunteers are actively engaged within our Chapter. Through the generosity of our sponsors we will be able to continue to provide solid educational and networking opportunities through a variety of programs and nationally recognized speakers. We are also hard at work to bring new and exciting programs that will be sure to please.

What a truly great start to the year! Let’s keep it rolling!