President’s Message

Randy Rabon_2015

It is with great excitement that I share how ecstatic I am about the coming year with a new leadership team coming into place!  We are all fortunate to have high quality, fully committed Board members for the 2016-2017 IFMA business year which begins July 1. Connie Drake, Dianne Brindisi, Cristine Karasek, and Bob Sunukjian are all proven leaders in our Chapter and have the passion and brain power to make us better. Congratulations to each of them. Please join me in offering your applause and full support to them in the coming year.

This is also the appropriate time to recognize the incredible Board members who are transitioning off. Laura Shaw has been a workhorse for our Chapter Board for 3 years, along with 3 more years before that chairing programs, networking, and sponsorship. She has worked tirelessly for many, many hours. Carol Carter has been our valued Secretary for the past 2 years, and 2 years before that as a Program Committee member. She has done a wonderful job. Hayden James and I came on the Board together 2 years ago. Hayden has been invaluable in the Treasurer role. We have been fortunate to take advantage of his business ownership and charity/professional organization Board experience. He brought deep knowledge to this role.

Our sponsorship campaign is about to kick off. For our present sponsors and for those considering sponsorship, we are counting upon your generosity to enable our Chapter to grow. This can only happen if we have the financial resources to offer high quality meetings and resources to our members.

Randy Rabon President 2015-2016