President’s Message

Randy Rabon_2015

As we move into May, work is underway by your Board and Committee Leadership to begin planning for our next IFMA fiscal year which starts July 1. This is a very important time for our chapter as we assess the past year with an eye towards what will make next year even better. We hope to build upon the things that are working well and make adjustments or deletions to those programs or events that did not meet expectations. In short, we are striving to be the best stewards possible with the resources and talent available.

To that end, this is the very best time to consider serving on a committee, or moving up within the committee in which you serve to a leadership position. If you are not presently serving on a committee, you are missing the real opportunity to plug in, make new contacts and enjoy our chapter to its fullest. We need you and your ideas! I anticipate that many of you are concerned and reserved about committing any more time to your already full schedule. It is our desire that serving actively on a committee would take no more than 2-3 hours per month, on average, to do so effectively with maximum effect.

Would you please consider joining a committee and moving forward with us in a more determined way?  Feel free to reach out to me or anyone on the Board if interested!


Randy Rabon President 2015-2016