Time to Celebrate!


November 8th at the Angus Barn for our Member Appreciation event is almost upon us. This is an opportunity to celebrate our vibrant Chapter and recognize the volunteers who are making a significant contribution. During the event, we will be celebrating our troops through our Community Outreach Committee’s Care Packages campaign sponsored by the USO. Please click this link (Care Packages) to get the information you need to prepare a care package to bring to the Member Appreciation event. For those you who will be attending for the first time, this will be a fun event you will be sure to remember.


Besides celebrating our members and our Chapter, we are also in the middle of our celebrating the Facility Management Professional Campaign. For those who like acronyms, we are calling it the CFMP. We have already accomplished a lot during the first quarter of the campaign. To find out more details about the campaign, please click the following link (Celebrate the FM).