What Happened to the Summer?


For those of you who attended our monthly meeting, you realized that this is a building year. Instead of maintaining and tweaking the processes we have in place, we are rebuilding to manage our Chapters growth with a refocus on our mission, vision and strategic objectives. This is taking more than the usual amount of effort from our Committees and Board members. For those of you who attended our monthly meeting, I think you were surprised by the level of planning, organization and focus that goes into our Chapter operations. Our committees and Board members have accomplished a lot during our first quarter. I am pleased by the level of energy, excitement and focus. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make a Chapter like our successful and our committees deserve a big shout-out for their efforts. Thank you.


So now that the summer and the first quarter of our year have gone by in a blur, let’s look ahead. We will start things off with the opportunity to unwind and have a great time with our fellow members in November at the Angus Barn for our Chapter Appreciation event. This event is free to all members and is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the volunteers who are making a significant contribution to our Chapter during our awards ceremony. Our October 25th After Hours event will be a great warm-up to the Chapter Appreciation event. We also have our October 10th Monthly meeting. Click yourIFMA Lorana e-mail, register for the events, and let’s get ready to have some fun!